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Sunsets and Ice Cream in Cavtat, Croatia

A few months ago, we visited Croatia. Our base for our holiday was Cavtat - just a little south of the City of Dubrovnik.

Cavtat is a beautiful small town with numerous bars and restaurants along the seafront overlooking the fishing boats and millionaires' yachts in the harbour.

Our days in Cavtat were spent wandering the miles of coastline, stopping occasionally for a coffee or an ice cream (the ice cream is amazing - and cheap!) Or, just soaking up the sunshine on one of the rocky beaches.

Before heading back at the end of the afternoon, we'd stop at a bar to enjoy a cold local beer and watch the sun go down - the sunsets were incredible. Most evenings, there was also a game of water polo to watch as well.

After the sun had set, we'd choose from one of the many restaurants along the harbourfront. Unfortunately, we visited during the busy season, and many restaurants were full most of the time. This only meant we'd have to wander a little longer or pass the time with another beer - oh well!

Cavtat is a great location for visiting nearby towns and places further afield. Whilst there, we took a couple of trips to Dubrovnik by bus and boat (images here). We also visited Kupari (images here). And, a much further trip over the border into Bosnia and Herzegovina to visit Mostar (images here). We could have taken a trip to Montenegro too, but we decided to keep that until next time.

Here are a few images I captured around Cavtat...


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